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Taming the Grease: Oribe's Serene Scalp Range for Gorgeous, Oil-Free Hair

19th Jun 2023

Tired of dealing with an oily scalp and the constant need for frequent hair washes? Oribe's got you covered with their new Serene Scalp Range specifically designed for oily hair and scalps. This revolutionary collection not only addresses excess oil but also promotes a calm and balanced scalp, giving you the freedom of extended time between washes. Get ready to experience a blissful scalp and fresh, beautiful hair every day.

Serene Scalp OIL CONTROL Cleanser

Begin your journey to a serene scalp with Oribe's Serene Scalp Gently cleanses while regulating excess oil

  • Reduces and controls sebum on hair and scalp
  • Prolongs styles and extends time between washing
  • Balances and supports a healthy scalp microbiome91% felt their scalp was less oily for 72 hours after use*90% saw a noticeable reduction in of oiliness in hair and scalp**90% felt their hair was cleaner at the roots after just one use**In a consumer panel survey of 101 women, after one application of the shampoo and mist regimen**In a consumer panel survey of 101 women, after using the shampoo and mist regimen at least 3 times in 10 days

Oribe Serene Scalp OIL CONTROL Treatment Mist

Prolong the pause between washes with this scalp-mattifying mist. Green marine algae and a sugar-derived prebiotic control sebum to balance and support a healthy scalp microbiome while protecting against environmental pollutants. Serenity achieved.

Oribe Serene Scalp OIL CONTROL Dry Shampoo Powder

Extend time between washes and reset your scalp. Our ultra-absorbing, silkening dry shampoo powder mattifies the scalp and reduces excess sebum. A specialty starch blend and kaolin clay absorb oil, dirt and product buildup while mango leaf extract helps support a healthy scalp microbiome.

Embrace the serenity of a balanced scalp and extended time between washes with Oribe's new Serene Scalp Range for oily hair and scalps. Say goodbye to the frustration of daily hair washes and hello to effortlessly fresh hair that looks and feels amazing. Incorporate the Serene Scalp into your routine to unlock the secret to a serene and beautiful scalp.

Remember, these Oribe products are carefully crafted to provide optimal results, so start enjoying the benefits of a serene scalp today. Click on the product links above to explore each item in the Serene Scalp Range and upgrade your haircare routine.

  • "I have struggled with an oily scalp for years, but this shampoo and conditioner has been a game-changer. It gently cleanses my hair while effectively regulating excess oil. My scalp feels balanced and refreshed after each use of the conditioner and leaves my hair feeling nourished and healthy without making it look greasy. It pairs perfectly with the shampoo and helps me go longer between washes. Highly recommended for anyone with oily hair." - Sarah
  • "This shampoo has made a noticeable difference in reducing the oiliness of my hair and scalp. It doesn't strip away moisture, but still leaves my hair feeling clean and lightweight. Highly recommended for anyone with oily hair!" - Mike
  • "I was skeptical at first, but this shampoo truly lives up to its claims. It prolongs the time between washes and keeps my hair looking fresh for days. I love how it balances my scalp and controls oil without drying out my hair." - Emily
  • "I pair this conditioner with the Serene Scalp Balancing Shampoo, and together, they work wonders for my oily hair. It hydrates my hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. My hair feels soft, manageable, and less oily throughout the day." - Lisa