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$34.00 $25.50

No Orange Blue Foam contrasts unwanted orange reflections on brown, natural or coloured hair, giving softness, shine and silkiness, especially to fine structures.   Features: Whipped mousse texture creates a full-bodied and rich foam that deeply...

Fanola No Orange Blue Foam 250ml

$48.30 $36.25

Fanola No Yellow Incredible Foam 250ml Fanola No Yellow Mousse Conditioner. Ideal for blonde, bleached, with streaks and grey hair, it is formulated with a special purple pigment that neutralises unwanted yellow reflections giving hair softness, shine...

Fanola No Yellow Incredible Foam 250ml

$25.20 $18.90

Creamy gel ideal for fashionable hairstyles. It gives a longlasting strong hold. Features: A creamy gel ideal for fashionable hairstyles Gives a long-lasting strong hold Restores elasticity and allows maximum creativity Fix level 4. How To Use: Apply...

Fanola Styling Tools EXTRA GRIP 250ml

$27.30 $20.45

Defines curly or wavy hair. Soft, light and hydrating. Features: Ideal for disciplining and defining curly and wavy hair, either natural or permed Leaves curls soft, light and elastic, perfectly hydrated and brilliant Fix level 2. How To Use: Use a...

Fanola Styling Tools GO CURL Curly Mousse 300ml