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Kent Baby Soft Natural Bristle Brush (BA29) This beautifully crafted beechwood baby brush has been filled with the finest soft natural bristle. The soft bristle is specially cut to help distribute natural oils and stimulate baby’s scalp. Ideal for...

Kent Baby Soft Natural Bristle Brush (BA29)


Kent Classic Shine Ladies Brush (CSMM) Our Classic Shine CSMM medium oval hand-finished brush is ideal for daily grooming and livening up shoulder to mid-length hair. The medium oval cushioned brush is finished with a midnight ruby handle and filled with...

Kent Classic Shine Ladies Brush (CSMM)


Kent Handmade Comb (A FOT) The Handmade 112mm all fine pocket comb, is made from large sheets of Cellulose Acetate rather than being moulded. This material is tactile, flexible and strong. The Kent combs have rounded teeth which ensure a smooth and...

Kent Handmade Comb (A FOT)


Kent's Perfect For PF01 large cushion hairbrush is ideal for smoothing medium to long hair. The hairbrush is made from high-quality beechwood with an air-cushioned head to protect the scalp and an added rubber grip on the handle for extra comfort. It is...

Kent Large Cushion Smoothing Brush (PF01)


KENT Mens Military Oval Hairbrush (MG3) The oval shaped MG3 is suitable for daily grooming all hair types. Filled with finest pure white natural bristle to promote natural shine, whilst distributing natural oils. The MG3 is made from beechwood...

KENT Mens Military Oval Hairbrush (MG3)


Creates healthy shiny hair naturally. This pocket sized flat style natural bristle brush is ideal for short & shoulder length hair. You will find it great for shaping, straightening & general grooming. A brush for both men & women, it will...

Kent Small Pure Bristle Brush (PF10)